You can early renew your TOTUM or TOTUM PRO membership up to 60 days before the expiry date shown on your card or app.

To renew your card please head to , click on 'Join now' in the top right hand corner and then enter your email address and password. As soon as you have entered your login details it will take you through the renewal order process.

If you have previously held an NUS extra card and it does not recognise your login details you may need to reset your password to use on the TOTUM website, you can do that here and then try to login again. If you still have difficulty after resetting your password please contact

When you renew any additional time left on your current membership is added onto the date of your new membership expiry date.

For example,

If you expiry date is 30/9/19 and you renew your TOTUM membership for three years on 18/9/19 then your new membership expiry date is 30/9/22.