To redeem your ASOS discount you need to use a unique code provided by us, either using the TOTUM app or the TOTUM website. As soon as you use your discount code on an ASOS account it will lock to it to prevent anyone else from using the same code.

Your TOTUM card number (format: 982xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx) is no longer used to access your ASOS discount!

How to get your unique ASOS discount code:

Please login to your TOTUM account and search for ASOS or find the ASOS offer in the fashion category. 

Once you've accessed the ASOS offer, click the 'Get Offer' button. We will then copy your unique code to your clipboard and send you to the ASOS website, find the items you wish to purchase on the ASOS website and paste your TOTUM discount code in at checkout.

Please note:

The 10% code is a multi-use code that is linked to your TOTUM account and your ASOS account.

Additional promotional discounts are single-use codes.

For Terms & Conditions please go here.

If this doesn't resolve your query or you need further support please let us know here: Submit a ticket