While we’ve made it really easy to scan your document using your smartphone, following these helpful tips will make it more likely that we can process your application. Please note your document must be in date or expired within the past  years to be accepted.

*Only passports or UK-issued driving licenses are currently supported for PASS ID verification*

- Please capture the entire document, partial images will not be enough.
- Ensure that the entire image is in focus, using a 5 megapixel mobile camera is ideal.
- Please try to have only your ID in the image, any other documents are not needed.
- Do your best to avoid glare from your flash or lighting.
- Please try to avoid shadows on the document.
- Ensure capture the data page only, any other sides or pages will not be used.

Image Size
The recommended document image resolution (without
the background) 1200X800 pixels. For an optimum
processing time, the recommended image size is
between 800 KB to 1.5 MB.

Image Format
GBG IDscan supports the most common image
formats, including:
JPG (highly recommended), BMP and single page


Glare or reflections on the document, picked up in the image, may block specific areas of the document.


Bad Lighting
If the image is captured in poor lighting conditions, either too dark or too bright, it will be more difficult for all aspects of processing.


Shadow on Image
Pronounced shadows on the captured image will distort recognition ability.


If the image is out of focus, the details will not be legible.


Colour Distortion 
Grayscale or monochrome images, or images with a hue of a specific colour which will cause the whole colours of the image to be distorted.

Ensure a user’s camera settings are set to automatic, without filters, as this can affect the appearance of colours or text on the identity document

Dirt, Wear or Damage

If the document is worn, aged, or physically damaged, the ability to process it will be significantly hindered.


Filters or Lens Issues
Some capturing devices or photo editors have filters or lenses which distort the geometry of the document, which can affect all aspects of processing the image


Poorly Cropped
Poorly cropped images may not contain all the necessary data for the process, especially regarding recognition and validation.

This issue can also be caused by taking a picture of a document within a wallet or passport cover, as the wallet may hide relevant parts of the document. Ensure edges and corners of documents are visible within the photograph, without objects or body parts obscuring any part of the document.

Ensure the full document number and Machine Readable Zone is visible in the photograph.


Low Resolution 
The recommended document image resolution is 1200X800 pixels. This is for the document specifically, excluding the background.

Some images, especially if they have been saved and re-saved multiple times, may be significantly pixelated even though the resolution is high. In other cases, the image resolution is high, but the document is captured from a great distance, so the relevant document image is very small.

Low resolution images will produce lower quality results. Please hold the camera close to the document when capturing the image.


Multiple Documents in One Image
The GBG IDscan library treats each image in isolation when presented with two images on one page will try to look for security features presented to classify the image when trying to recognise the document presented. This includes images that contain both the front and the back of a document on a single page.


Image Background
Please keep the image background plain, clear of clutter and preferably on a contrasting background


Skewed Images
If the capturing angle is extreme (more than 30 degrees on any axis), the document extraction might not work as expected. This will affect all aspects of document processing, including Recognition, Data Extraction and Validation.


Only current documents that are in date can be accepted for verification.

Please note that passports with a single name field are not currently supported.

If this doesn't resolve your query or you need further support please let us know here: Submit a ticket