If you are studying with an online course provider or registered with a professional membership body, then you will need to request a TOTUM verification code directly from your course provider/membership body to make your application.

Your verification code will come in one of two possible formats listed below;

1) A verification code link 

This format will look similar to the below example. To use this link you simply need to click the link to open the application and it will automatically apply your place of study and verify your account. You'll just need to register on the first step and proceed with your order.


2) A verification code

This will come in either a 5 digit format or a code ranging from 12 - 20 digits, they can both be redeemed on the same step of our application.

 - To redeem your code you will need to register with TOTUM using our standard application at https://app.totum.com/

- Once you reach the step requesting your place of study please enter the same organisation that provided the code to you.

- On the next step you will see the option to 'verify by code' as shown below. Simply click this option and enter your code. You're now verified and will be able to finalise your order on the following steps!


Please note, if your place of study has provided you with a voucher code to order a free TOTUM card with, then you can redeem that using the same processes as shown above.


What to do if your code isn't working

The most common reasons why a code is not working are listed below, please check these to see if it resolves the issue.

  • Ensure the place of study you enter on TOTUM matches the organisation that provided the code to you.
  • If you generated a 5 digit code to verify with on TOTUM, please ensure you register with us using the same email address that you used to log in to your place of studies/membership bodies website with.
  • Most codes provided by organisations are to be used for verification purposes only. If you have redeemed your code and are being asked to pay, but were expecting a free card, please double-check with the organisation who provided the code if it is for a free TOTUM card or for verification only.
  • Cookies stored on your browser from previous application attempts may cause issues - try clearing your browser cookies and then login back in to re-enter your voucher code.

If after checking the above points you're still having trouble with your code please let us know by creating a ticket. Please confirm the code and your place of study so we can look into it right away: Submit a ticket