Please find attached a handy user guide showing how to redeem a verification/voucher code.

The most common reasons why a code is not working are listed below. If you have checked these points and your code is still not working please submit a ticket on our help desk so we can help further;

  • Codes can only be redeemed if you do not already have an active TOTUM or NUS extra membership.
  • Most codes provided by organisations are to be used for verification purposes only. If you have redeemed your code and are being asked to pay, but were expecting a free card, please double check with the organisation who provided the code if it is for a free TOTUM card or for verification only.
  • If a code is still not working please try clearing your cookies from your browser history and then try again. If you're still stuck please submit a ticket on the help-desk to let us know!

If you have a 5 digit access code then please see the following article for how to use it: