Students with 6th forms, colleges and universities should be able to verify with their academic email address directly on the TOTUM application.

If you are experiencing either of the issues listed below, please let us know and we'll be able to verify you manually right away!

My email address is not being accepted

Once you have selected 'verify by email address' you will see a list of domains that we have registered for your place of study. As long as your email address uses the same academic domain(s) it should be accepted and a verification link will be sent directly to your inbox.

If you're unable to see a matching domain for your place of study please let us know below. Occasionally organisations change their academic domain or use variations of it for the new academic year. We can quickly update our records as soon as we are notified.

My email address is accepted, but I don't receive the verification email

If you have successfully entered your email address for verification, but are yet to receive the verification link in your inbox then it may have been directed to your spam folder. Please double check your spam/junk folders in case it has been directed there in error.

If you're unable to retrieve the email please let us know so we can help verify you manually. Please Submit a ticket