Older NUS extra card and TOTUM cards, bought before August 2019, have the ISIC card on the reverse of the physical card.

TOTUM memberships bought after August 2019 DO NOT have ISIC on the reverse of the physical card, instead your ISIC card is now DIGITAL ONLY and can found in the wallet section of the TOTUM app.

Use your digital ISIC card instore to redeem discounts.

You can also download the ISIC app or go to http://www.isic.org/ to view your card and check out the full range of ISIC discounts.

ISIC is the International Student Identity Card. It gives you access to more than 42,000 discounts in over 130 countries.

Please Note:

TOTUM PRO cards are not eligible for ISIC.

At the moment we are unable to renew your ISIC membership through our TOTUM payment platform. If your TOTUM card is not due to expire within the next 28 days and you want to renew/extend our ISIC membership you can apply with ISIC directly.