Taking or uploading the right photo

We recommend that you use your phone's camera or your webcam when uploading a photo of yourself during our TOTUM joining process. We do also accept uploaded images.
When taking your photo, there are a few rules you need to follow to make sure it's spot on.
These are:
  • It's got to be of you!
  • Look straight at the lens
  • All of your head, shoulders and part of your upper body need to be captured
  • No smiles or exaggerated expressions, just keep it normal, with your mouth closed
  • Eyes open!
  • No hair obscuring your eyes or face
  • Nothing covering your face
  • No shadows
  • No other people or animals or objects either in front or behind you
  • Stand in front of a plain, light coloured background

If you're familiar with passport-style photos, we need one similar to that.

If you're going to upload an existing image, please follow all the above but also ensure:
  • Hasn't been 'photoshopped' or manipulated by software
  • Hasn't been stretched or squashed
  • It's clear and in focus
  • Colour only
  • 200px by 240px (w x h) or similar
  • Less than 2Mb in size
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