How can I get a verification code?

If your place of study is a training provider and is a TOTUM partner who offers electronic verification of your student status, you can get a verification code by following these steps:

  1. Login to your training provider's portal and navigate to your profile page.  If you need help locating this page, consult your training provider.
  2. Click the 'Get your TOTUM card' button; a unique verification code will be revealed
  3. Click COPY to copy to the clipboard.
  4. Click Get Your TOTUM Card to start your registration with TOTUM - alternatively you can register on the TOTUM app
  5. Follow the prompts to join TOTUM; when asked for your verification code, paste it into the box (Important note: remember to register with TOTUM using the same email address that you use at your place of study. The verification code will not work if you don't.)
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