Help for Open University Students

Are you doing a PhD? If so, please contact the OU for a voucher code to apply.

If you are signing-up on or the TOTUM app you will need your or email address. You should be provided this as soon as you are actively studying a module.

If you are signing-up using a voucher code, you will need your PI number. Please check:

- Are you actively studying a module? If you are waiting to start a module or you are in between modules your PI number will not be accepted until you have actively started studying your module.

- Do all the details you are entering match up to the details the OU have for you? All the details you have provided us with will need to match up EXACTLY to the ones the Open University have for yourself otherwise the application will not be accepted.

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  • Hi,
    I am trying to apply for a TOTUM Card but it is asking for a university email address.
    With the Open University you dont get an email address, its just your own.

    How do i get round this??


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