How do I claim my free card with my Lloyds Bank account?

If you chose to have your new student account with Lloyds Bank or Bank of Scotland and are eligible for a free TOTUM card as part of your Student Account you will be sent an email and an SMS detailing your unique promotional code to claim your first free card.

If you have not yet received this, please contact your bank.

Please note: You will only be eligible for a free card through your student bank account if your Student Union is affiliated with NUS.


2nd and 3rd Year Card Renewals

Providing you still hold your Student Account and you applied for your first/second free NUS extra card by 31st December in the previous academic year, we will send you an email inviting you to renew your card for a second or third and final time.

If you have not received your renewal code please contact our support team.

Please note: Emails are sent to the email address you registered with us when you ordered your first free card. Cards also need to be claimed in three consecutive years of study.

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  • It doesn't tell you what to do once you have received the code.

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  • This would be helpful if the page didn’t redirect me to a page not found instead after I click the renew button.

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  • I was wrongly charged £14.99 for the totum card when it should be free since i got the card through LLoyds banks. I would like a refund

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  • Lloyds did not let me to have it as I'm OU student. The worst part of it is they did not told me that on beggining. I've been 3 times at the branch with different documents they've asked. First they wanted printed confirmation from ou so I've printed it out for them. Then they wanted my bank statements and did not accept gas and electricity bills under my name and THEIR OWN debit card. I had to go to the halifax branch and print them and was refused on the end because I'm OU student (they knew it from beginning). I'm wondering what happened with all copies of documents they've made, for example my passport . So if you want to save your time and protect your data... do not choose Lloyds. I have current account with them, they are useless anyway- I'm looking for different bank.

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