My card won't work at The Coop

Most TOTUM/NUS extra cards should have an active swipe stripe, However due to useage or storage these cards may become demagnetised over time and no longer swipe in stores.

Alternativetely if a card has been purchased on campus at your Students’ Union these cards may not have been activated at the time of purchase. Don’t worry this doesn’t matter - Coop are the only store to swipe the NUS Extra/ TOTUM cards so this will not affect the use of your card too much.

The Coop have an alternative method of entering the discount by entering your TOTUM/NUS extra card into their till system. Staff members should be aware of this method and should be applying the discount this way in situations where the card does not to appear to be swiping.

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  • My CO-OP wont do it manually as it causes a queue!

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